Body Care - Home Remedy

Body Care - Home Remedy

Back Pain

For Back Pain always try to keep your Body Heat, Eat Hot food and Drink Hot items.
Garlic is one of the best Ayurvedic Medicine for Back Pain. Have 5 to 10 teeth of garlic in your daily food.
Always sit straight.
Sleep on a flat Surface without pillow. Don’t bend or crook yourself while sleeping
Soft massage in the aching area with some medicinal oil like eucalyptus oil or with coconut oil. It ll give relaxation in the paining area.
Exercise should be followed regularly.
Avoid Lifting heavy objects.


Hold your Breathe for 5 to 10 seconds and release, It ll stop the hiccups. If still hiccups are repeating continue the process once.
Give suddenly some shocking news or threaten the person.


Drink Hot milk with Turmeric, Pepper Powder and with little Sugar.
Goggle with salt water every now and then. While goggling the salt water in the throat will cure the cough.
Mix Honey, Lemon Juice and ginger juice and drink.
Fry cloves without oil in a sauce pan and keep it in mouth and have the juice.


Coriander is one of the Best remedy for Moles. Make a fine paste with the coriander leaves and apply it on the affected area. It ll help to remove the moles quicker.
Apply Castor Oil on the affected area.
Take one grape, skin the outer layer. Separate the pulp and massage it on the area which is affected by the Mole.


Snoring occurs because of over weight. Try to reduce excess of weight.
Smoking and drinking habit will also tend for snoring.


Lime Juice and ginger juice is a good remedy for vomiting.
Smell Lemon or Small onion(Skinned) to avoid vomiting.

Teeth Decoloring

Brush your teeth properly every morning and before going to bed.
Place a pinch of salt or lime juice on the tooth paste while brushing.
Avoid taking food which cause stains on your teeth.

Sun Burn

Take fresh Aloe Vera leaves and peal the outer skin and separate the pulp inside, apply it on the sun burnt area. It ll reduces the tan and bring back to the color.
Make a fine paste with potato and apply it on the sun burnt area.

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