Vegetable Buying Tips

How to buy Vegetables?

Onions should be fresh and the back side portions should extend for about two or three inches up from the root end. So that it will not decay soon.


Select Potatoes which looks fresh. Scratch the potato skin with nail and check for the color inside if there is a green discoloration, avoid those potatoes. The green portions may give bitter flavor.

Sweet Potato

Select sweet potatoes with smooth, bright, uniform colored skins, free from decay signs. Avoid worm holes, cuts or any other negative signs with the skin. This causes waste and ready lead to decay. Even if you cut away the decayed portion, the remainder of the potato flesh may have a bad taste.


Tomatoes which are smooth, well ripened, and reasonably free from blemishes.
Avoid Soft, overripe, or bruised tomatoes, and tomatoes with sunburn (green or yellow areas near the steam scar), and growth cracks (deep brown cracks around the steam scar). Also avoid decayed tomatoes which will have soft, water-soaked spots, depressed areas.


While purchasing carrots, look for firm, plump carrots without root. They should be small, bright orange and smooth. Also note the green top is mingled with the carrot. It the green top is separated, then it doesn’t tastes good.
Carrots lose moisture through their leafy green tops, so if you purchase them this way, remove the tops before wrapping carrots in plastic and storing.


Cauliflower should be in white or creamy color. Avoid greenish or yellowish color cauliflower. Also separate the flower heads and check whether there is insects.


Break off the end as you wash them. Leave whole or cut into desired lengths. Choose slender beans that are crisp, bright-colored and no spots on the skin.


When selecting garlic, it should be big, plump and firm, tight silky skins with its paper-like covering intact, not spongy or soft.


Peas should be in mild green color. While taking peas press and check whether peas is inside or not. In some peas only the skin will be there.

Leaves should be thick and should be in dark green in color with fresh fragrance. Avoid worm lines, yellow color leaves.


Drumstick should be plump and firm. Should be in green color. Avoid choosing very thick drumsticks it will not tastes good.

Ladies Finger

Select the tender one break the edges of the ladies finger, choose the breaking edge ladies fingers. If its bending rather braking it’s a ripen one. The seeds inside will be hard.

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