Treatments for Mesthelioma

There are many types of treatment for mesothelioma cancer. It all depends on the location of the cancer, and the patients age, and medical history. The three treatments are surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, or a combination of all three.


Surgery is the most common treatment for patients with benign mesothelioma. When the tumor is found early, it can be removed before the turmor becomes cancerous.
Patients with malignant mesothelioma, surgery will remove part of the lining of the chest or abdomen, and even the diaphragm or lung. Surgery helps reduce pain and to keep the cancer from spreading, but will not stop the disease

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is a common cancer treatment. It involves shooting high-energy rays into the cancer cells to kill them. This therapy affects cancer cells only in treated areas. The treatment has two forms. A machine may shoot radiation at the cells, or materials that emit radiation are put into areas where cancer cells exist.
Both of these types of radiation therapy are designed to kill the cells. They only work on the cancerous cells, and should never cause damage to the normal cells.


The good news is that research is introducing new drugs aimed at destroying the cancer, and/or reducing the pain. New drugs are reported to help cancer patients live longer. The side effects are not pretty, but it offers hope. Researchers are optimistic that chemotherapy will result in a cure in the near future.

I've mentioned earlier in this blog that time is the enemy. An individual who takes up the fight for themselves, demanding attention, and not stopping until they are victorious, may actually save their own lives.


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