Ten good reasons to learn Yoga

# Yoga is not just for athletes, popstars and supermodels! Yoga is for everyone: young or old, male or female, healthy or sick. Yoga can always be adapted to your individual needs, whatever your circumstances.

# Even if you are facing many challenges in life, it is easy to start doing yoga and you will experience instant benefits, such as stress-relief. Furthermore, once you begin to practice regularly, yoga will help you to live your life with renewed positivity and enthusiasm.

# Yoga is safe. Where other forms of exercise might put a strain on your heart, muscles and joints, yoga, practiced properly (with awareness to your physical limitations), is a completely harmless form of exercise.

# Yoga needs no special equipment. While there are a few props that might make your practice more comfortable, the only thing you need in order to do yoga is you.

# Yoga both tones the respiratory system and helps you to breathe more fully, deeply and easily (thus increasing your oxygen intake), which in turn, will improve your physical and mental well-being.

# Yoga improves the efficiency of your body systems, aiding digestion, the assimilation of nutrients and the elimination of toxins.

# Yoga improves the quality of your sleep so that, when you wake up, you feel refreshed and full of vitality.

# Yoga gives energy and helps you to channel your energy effectively so that you don't waste it on tension, stress and negativity.

# Through practicing yoga techniques, you experience a genuine sense of outward tranquility, which eventually helps you achieve a deep state of inner peace, too.

# Yoga is FUN!

Physical Benefits:

Yoga has both its preventive and therapeutic cures over ailing mind and body. Yoga improves all the problems associated with the body, like:

# increases flexibility in muscles and various muscular joints,

# strengthens the spinal cord,

# recovers back aches,

# improves muscular skeletal conditions, digestion and elimination,

# stimulates glands and endocrinal system,

# improves heart condition,

# proper blood circulation,

# recovers breathing disorder,

# boosts immune response,

# decreases cholesterol, diabetes,

# maintains blood pressure level,

# increases the stamina and

# maintains a balance and grace all over.


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