Uses Of Banana

Banana's are not only for monkeys and for human. Check out the other uses of Banana's

Spin salad: Place a pillowcase inside another; fill with rinsed lettuce leaves; tie both pillowcases with string and throw into the washing machine with a towel for balance. Run the spin cycle, and you've turned your washer into a giant salad spinner.

Remove makeup: Bear with us on this one, but if you're all out of makeup remover, a dab of shortening will do the trick.

Get chewing gum out of your hair: Somehow, Junior's bubblegum ended up stuck in your hair. No problem. Apply peanut butter, and rub the gum until it comes out.

Facial: Don't waste mustard on a hot dog -- spread it on your face instead! Use a mild yellow brand to soothe and stimulate your skin. But keep away from your eyes and test on a small area first to make sure it doesn't irritate you.

Smelly armpits: Not only will splashing a little vinegar under your arms reduce B.O., this method also does away with deodorant stains on your blouse or shirt.

Emergency shaving cream: Out of shaving cream? Take the butter from your toast and slather it onto your wet skin for a smooth shave.

Dry up pimples: The only thing worse than being a teen with a zit is being an adult with one. Crush an aspirin and add a bit of water. Apply the paste to the pimple, wait a few minutes, and then wash off. It will reduce the redness and relieve the sting.

Soften dry, scaly elbows: Suffer from dinosaur elbows? Treat them with a lemon juice/baking soda paste.

Remove a splinter: If digging around your finger with a needle to get a splinter out doesn't appeal to you, then cover the wound with tape. After three days, pull off the tape and the splinter may come with it.

Eliminate odors from hands: You've made shrimp with garlic and Limburger cheese, and now your hands stink. Rubbing a few coffee beans together releases oil from the beans, which absorbs the smell.

Sneaker deodorizer: If the cat passes out every time you take off your sneakers, it's time to act. Fill a couple of old socks with scented cat litter, tie them shut, and stuff them in your sneakers overnight.

Mosquito Bites:
Rub the inside of the banana skin on the affected area. In most cases it will reduce swelling and irritation.

Bananas give an instant, sustained boost of energy. Eat two bananas to produce enough energy for a 90 minute workout.

Eat a banana to help calm nervousness, they are high in B vitamins.

Boosting Brain Power:
Research has shown that the potassium in bananas can help in learning and brain stressing projects by making one more alert.

Stop Smoking:
If you are trying to quit smoking, the potassium, magnesium, B6 and B12 in bananas can aid in the recovery of nicotine withdrawal.

Studies show that if you are in a high pressure job, chances are you tend to binge on comfort food caused by panic induced food cravings. Try eating a banana every two hours to control blood sugar, keep levels steady, and keep the cravings away.

Morning Sickness:
You can keep your blood sugar up to avoid morning sickness by snacking on bananas between meals.

The banana contains enough vitamin B6 to raise blood glucose which in turn should affect your mood.

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