Uses of Papaya Leaves

There are a lot of things we can do with papaya leaves; it doesn't really mean that you have to throw the leaves away when you're through with the fruit. The leaf contains as much medicinal ability as the fruit itself. This article contains 10 examples of what you can do with papaya leaves.

1. Dried papaya leaves fully grinded and mixed with honey is a perfect cure to cough and fever

2. Fresh papaya leaves boiled in hot water is a very strong medicine for malaria

3. Fresh juice from grinded papaya leaves can be used to heal open wounds and sores

4. Fresh papaya leaves eaten raw with onions can boost your urine system especially if you're having an overactive bladder

5. Juice made from the leaves can be used as a skin cleansing agent

6. Fresh papaya leaves boiled with sliced pieces of orange can help burn fat and it's a perfect reduction agent

7. Fresh papaya leaves eaten raw can boost your ability in bed thereby making you become better at everything in bed

8. To glasses of tea daily made from the leaves can help reduce menstrual cramps

9. Juice made from papaya leaves can be used to send away eczema. But scrub face first with soap before applying it.

10. Lastly, it can be eaten as food especially when fried with an egg

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