Uses of petroleum Jelly

From keeping soap out of baby's eyes to shining your shoes, petroleum jelly can be useful around the home.

1. Prevent corrosion on car battery terminals by covering clean terminals in petroleum jelly.

2. Remove chewing gum from hair by rubbing it with petroleum jelly until the gum comes out

3. Stop a faucet from screeching when you turn it off and on but unscrewing the top and applying petroleum jelly to the metal threads

4. Use petroleum jelly to lubricate roller skate and skateboard wheels. It makes them go faster and won't leave horrible marks on your clothes.

5. Use as a facial skin softener. While the face is wet apply a small amount of petroleum jelly and rub it in. Keep adding more water and massaging until the skin no longer looks greasy.

6. Petroleum jelly will revive old, dried out leather. Rub it in until the leather stops absorbing it. (Very good for old baseball gloves as it softens the leather.)

7. Before painting window frames, take a cotton bud (or Qtip) and dip it into petroleum jelly. Use this to coat the glass next to the frame. Paint won't stick to it. Use the same method to protect hinges.

8. When you open a new nail polish bottle, rub a little petroleum jelly around it before reapplying the lid. This will stop the top sticking and make it easier to open it next time.

9. Make your shower curtain slide more easily by smearing the rod, or pole with a thin layer of petroleum jelly

10. Stop outdoor light bulbs sticking in their sockets by rubbing a little petroleum jelly on the threads. It will protect the metal and help to stop corrosion.

11. To remove lipstick marks from cotton napkins, rub the marks with petroleum jelly before washing

12. If you like to dye your hair, smear some petroleum jelly around your hairline before adding the dye. It stops the dye staining your skin and drying it out.

13. Keep shampoo and water out of a child's eyes when washing the hair by putting a line of petroleum jelly along each eyebrow line. The water will run off.

14. Get a fabulous shine on leather shoes by rubbing with petroleum jelly and buffing with a soft cloth

15. Prevent windburn and chapping of the face and lips by applying a thin protective layer of petroleum jelly

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