How to apply nail polish

All of us use nail polish every now and then. But is that in the right way? Many of us will not apply nail polish in the right way. Go through these simple tips to apply nailpolish like a pro.

Step 1: First, remove any existing nail polish completely so your nails are clean and dry; don't throw away the cotton pad/ball with polish remover on it just yet.

Step2: Moisturize your hands. This prevents stray nail polish from adhering to your skin--unfortunately, it also prevents it from adhering to your nail, so once you've moisturized, swipe the nail polish remover over the nails again to remove excess oil.

Step3: Next, apply the base coat. Go with the cheapest stuff for this, and a very thin layer is fine; it just protects your nails against color bleeding (Orange nails after hot pink polish is not sexy).

Step4: Apply a thin layer of nail polish over the base coat. Placing the brush about half-way down your nail, push downward (which fans the bristles out) until you almost touch your nail bed. Then reverse and sweep upward. Apply to each nail.

Step5: Next, apply a second coat to the nails. Start by sweeping the brush horizontally across the top of your nails--this essentially creates a blunt edge of polish and helps prevent chipping. If you accidentally paint some skin, that's ok; we'll take it off in a second.

Step6: After the horizontal sweep, repeat Step 4 to each nail, paying attention to creating a smooth even surface. Don't apply more than two coats; it takes much longer to dry and often bubbles.

Step7: Once your nails look perfect, wait for a few minutes and then go over your hands with the polish remover soaked Qtip, removing any excess smudges or paint.

Step8: Using either your base coat or a separate clear top coat, apply a very thin layer to the top of your nails. Presto! You're gorgeous.

Always allow your nails enough time to dry completely!

Be careful not to overpaint--if you make a mistake, take the polish completely off and start again, otherwise it gets lumpy.

Dip you nails in water for fast drying


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