Organizing Purse/Handbag

No woman should leave home without her emergency supplies.

What is in your handbag right now? Is it neat, clean and organised or is it more of an eclectic mix of items that have randomly gathered over time?

Doesnt matter how you were. But here onwards be organized and clean with your Handbag/Purse.

  • Use napthalene balls or a refresher to keep your bag away from bad odour.

Must have in Handbag/Purse

  • Safety pins with you where ever you go.

  • Tissue pappers will help you all the way.

  • Ear buds.

  • Basic drugs like head ache tablets, Feaver tablets etc.

  • Face wash to keep your face and hands clean.

  • Lipstick, Compact powder and a Perfume to keep yourself fresh.

  • A sanitary napikin will always do.

  • Chewing gum for refreshing your mouth during the dull hours of the day.

  • Pen, Pencil and a notepad for any emergency.

  • Comb or Brush borrowing comb from others will also give the dandruff for free of cost. Avoid getting dandruffs from others.

  • Dont scatter your money all the way in your purse. Be organised in handling your money.

  • Use a small purse or portion in your bag for your money. Also place your paper money away from your coins.

  • An umbrella in summer and in rainy days.

  • A glue will help you all the way if your foot wear gives you some trouble

  • Throw all outdated bills and pappers.

Features you may want to look for include:

At least one open and one zippered or closed compartment

Easy to open and access contents of purse

A built-in wallet or slots for credit cards, cash, etc.

Clear slot for license or ID

Built-in change purse or holder

Cell phone pocket or pouch

Slot or pouch for PDA or planner

Place for checkbook

Attached bag or zippered or snap pouch for cosmetics

Hidden or zippered pocket for feminine products

Pen slots

Compartment for checkbook

Key clip or compartment for keys

Slip pocket for frequently used items

Built in case for eyeglasses or sunglasses

Elastic loop for water bottle or hairbrush

Small elastic loops or pockets for breath mints, gum, or lip balm,

Stiff-sided slot for receipts and paper

Adjustable straps


Samantha said...

Reasonable points and quite interesting, my bag is always a mess. thanks for sharing.

Only4she said...

Hi Samantha, I am glad that your like the post. Thanks for commenting.

Eyeglasses said...

Thanks for your help. This article really helped me.


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