Uses of Betel Leaves


In olden days, men used to chew betel leaves with betel nut, cardamom, clove and other spices when given by their wives after meals. This is considered to induce romantic feelings. This is also used by many people now as a mouth freshener.

Cold and chest congestion
Soak the betel leaf in mustard oil and warm over fire, and then keep on the chest. You can get relief form cold and chest congestion.

Perspiration and menstrual odor
Boil two cups of water and add 5 leaves and boil until water becomes one cup. Drink this tea to get relief from perspiration and menstrual odor. It also makes the gums and teeth strong.

Betel leaf juice if taken with milk and honey eases the urination.

Aids in digestion
When consumed after meals it induces the salivary juices and peristaltic movements and helps in easy digestion.

Apply the crushed leaf on the inflamed part to get instant relief. It is very effective in treating arthritis.

Sore throat
Take the crushed leaves with honey to get relief from sore throat. You can also get relief by applying the leaf on the throat.

It is a common practice in many Asian countries to use this for treating the stool problem of kids. Apply castor oil on the leaf and warm it up lightly; then keep this leaf on the stomach of the kids. This is also helpful in treating their stomach-aches.

The juice of these leaves works as a powerful balm in treating the headaches. Apply the juice on forehead to treat all types of headaches.

Apply the juice of betel leaves on wounds to cure them fast. If the wound is bleeding tie the leaf with turmeric to stop the bleeding.

1. Do not chew the betel leaves with tobacco as it leads to cancer.

2. Do not over eat the leaves to prevent oral ulcers, cancers and dental caries.

3. Use this for medicinal purpose only.

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