How To Use Your Hair Dryer For Salon Quality Straight Hair

In almost every household washroom across the globe there is a hair dryer, most of which are used on a fairly regular basis to try and give women and men the hair style that they ever so desire. But while the hair dryer may sometimes be considered a blessing, it also can be considered an absolute curse for those with damaged hair, or for those who just don’t know how to use it correctly.
Heat is Not Always Best
We have been taught that our hair appliances need to be super hot in order to be effective, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. While some heat (“some” being the operative word) is necessary in almost all cases, having your hair appliance at the hottest setting is definitely not necessary, nor is it even good for your hair. Make sure that the hair dryer that you choose has different heating settings, from low to medium to medium high to hot. You will also want a “cool” setting on your dryer as the “cool” setting helps give hair volume.
Additional Features
A lot of hair dryers these days come with additional features or attachments that can be added to help give your hair that more professional look. One that comes with almost every hair dryer is an attachment that will allow you to better direct the air direction in a more precise manner.
Another key feature for anyone who has curly hair is a hair diffuser. It’s important that if you do have a hair diffusing attachment included that you also have a “cool air” function on your dryer; otherwise there is nearly no point in having the diffuser to begin with.
How to Straighten your Hair with a Hair Dryer
Believe it or not, it isn’t always the best idea to try and get stick straight hair by just using a hair dryer on high heat. There is a method that you can use, however, to get your hair as straight as possible while not using your hair dryer on the highest heat so your hair will stay healthier and shinier.
Set your hair dryer to a medium-high setting, and grab a round brush. Take the round brush and bring it to the root of one section of hair. Turn on the hair dryer, and make sure that you point the nozzle so that the hair is pointed downwards. This direction of air will prevent your hair from splitting or getting a frizzy appearance. Make sure that the direction of air follows the round brush as you bring it from root to tip, and curl the tips under just a bit and hold the hair dryer there for an extra second or two.
TIP: It is best to brush your hair in such a way that you are visualizing bringing your brush towards a dot that is 6 inches in front of your head. This will help your hair fall about your shoulders in a feathery soft manner.

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