Uses of Mangoes

We know mango fruit as a delicious fruit with its yummy taste. Mango is considered as the king of fruits. It is rich in minerals like calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins like A, B, C. Ayurveda says there are medicinal values in mango fruit as well as in leaves, branches, flowers etc. These parts of mango tree can be used as home remedy for various diseases.

1. Grind the wood of a mango tree; for one part of that grinded wood, add four parts of water. Boil it for 10 to 15 minutes. This is called mango decoction. Take this daily twice to get redemption from menstrual cramps and heavy menstruation.

2. Mix lemon juice to the gum of mango; make it as a paste and use it to treat skin diseases like scabies

3. Consume a pickle or a dal made with fresh tender mango leaves to strengthen the functioning of liver

4. Mango decoction is useful for Asthma and cough. It works as antiseptic and heals wounds.

5. Grind the inner part of the mango seed; mix it with equal quantity of jaggery. Give 2g of it to children daily twice to treat Amoebiasis.

6. Dry mango flowers and grind as powder. Use the powder 1g daily twice with honey to reduce diabetes.

7. Amchur (dried mango pieces) can be useful to cure Scurvy

8. Next time when you eat too much fish don't worry of indigestion. Eat a piece of raw mango to help it digest.

9. Mix 25 g of honey in 300 ml mango juice. Take it daily to cure the enlargement of gall bladder.

10. Research reveals that mangiferin in mango helps to prevent cancerous growth even in advanced stage

So plant a mango tree in your garden for getting these benefits. The arrangement of mango leaves not only gives shade but also reflects heat. One interesting fact is mango tree absorbs sound waves. As a result it can control sound pollution.

Taking too many mangoes might result in lack of appetite, constipation etc. So don't eat too many mangoes. In case you take many, here is a home remedy. Mix dry ginger with sugar and eat it. It will set everything right.

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