How to make Face Mask

How to make a face mask?

Face masks have been part of beauty regimen of women since times immemorial. Natural and easily accessible products were used to keep the skin supple and smooth. Here are the recipes with the same ingredients. Enhance your natural beauty with these easy homemade face mask recipes.

All of the masks used in this article should be left on the skin for at least 15-20 minutes after application. Later wash it with warm water, followed by a cold rinse.

Facial mask for normal skin

1)Whiskey & Milk Mask
Ingredients: 1 tbs whiskey
1/4 cup dry milk powder
1 lemon
Mix all of the ingredients together with the lemon juice and apply it to face. Make sure to avoid the eye area.

2) The fruity mask
Ingredients: 1/4 peach
2 strawberries
1/4 cup mashed papaya
1 tsp. honey

Butter is a good source of vitamin A, so it makes a perfect mask for sensitive, sunburned or damaged skin.

Oatmeal- enough to form a thin paste
Cook the peach. Mash all the fruit together and add oatmeal to make a paste. The fruit acids will remove dead skin and leave you with a beautiful, hydrated glow and the oatmeal helps to calms the skin.

Ex foliating Mask
1)Olive and Kosher salt
Ingredients : 3 tbs olive oil or any good oil
1 tbs kosher salt
For an ex foliating mask, mix the ingredients well and gently rub into dry skin. Do not apply it around the eyes. This mask works well even on elbows and feet.

2) Chocolate and honey
Ingredients :Butter
Chocolate spread
Mix a teaspoon each of butter, chocolate spread, honey and sugar in a bowl and smooth onto your face. Make sure to use this mask only twice a month.

Facial mask for sensitive skin

Butter face mask
Ingredients: 1 tbsp unsalted butter, softened
1 strawberry, mashed
Or 1 inch slice of cucumber, chopped and rubbed through a sieve (for normal to dry skin)
Or 1 tbsp lemon juice (for oily skin)
Or 1 egg yolk (for dry skin)
Mash the strawberry into fine paste. Beat the butter in a bowl, then beat in your chosen ingredient according to your skin type. Spread the mixture on the face and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove it with a wet, warm washcloth. Butter is a good source of vitamin A, so it makes a perfect mask for sensitive, sunburned or damaged skin.

Facial mask for a combination skin

1)Cucumber & Yoghurt mask
Ingredient: ¼ of a cucumber
1 Tbsp plain/natural yoghurt
Puree the cucumber in a blender and mix it with the yoghurt. Your mask is ready.

2) Oatmeal and olive oil mask
Ingredients: 1 egg
1/2 cup cooked instant oatmeal
1tsp olive oil
Mix one egg and 1/2 cup cooked instant oatmeal and a teaspoon olive oil until smooth. Spread on your face and leave 15 min then rinse.
For combination skin, you can also try using two different masks. Use a mask for oily skin on the T-zone and a moisturizing mask on the cheeks and neck.

Facial mask for wrinkles
A homemade face mask of crushed ripe bananas will help to keep wrinkles at bay.

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